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Keffiyeh Scarves are Over, Unless You are Palestinian



If you have eyeballs, chances are that you are quite familiar with Keffiyeh scarves.  Originally made from cotton and wool, these garments were designed a trillion years ago to protect the heads of Arab men from heat and sandstorm. Later, the scarf would go on to become the symbol of Palestinian nationalism during the Arab Revolt of the 1930’s. While the scarf was mostly worn by peasants, Yasser Arafat made it his trademark during his lengthy political career which further propelled the Keffiyeh to worldwide visibility.

My brother acquired one of these  in 2002 in Cairo, Egypt.  While he liked the look, it also reminded him of his trip – an added bonus.  In a stark contrast to their current popularity, his Keffiyeh also invited threats from many a crew-cutted American once he returned stateside.  I noticed similar scarves here and there, and thought for the most part that they looked cool, edgy, or authentic (depending on the wearer) at the time.  Like the UGG boot before it, Keffiyehs suddenly crawled out from the fringe and waded knee deep into the mainstream.  The palette quickly moved from basic black and white to every color under the neon rainbow.  Shitheads began basing their entire outfits on their hot pink and black scarves while the sartorially inclined vomited.  There was also a Real World/Road Rules Challenge (the Gauntlet? the Duel? Battle of the Sexes?) in which every contestant seemed to be sporting one during their isolated confessional style interviews.  That occurrence put the trend on notice.  I don’t want anything I do or wear to be influenced by transplanted Los Angelinos who at one time appeared on a reality show, and a cable reality show at that.

In closing, you are a dick if you wear a Keffiyah.  They are available at Target for about six bucks,  thus ensuring my aunt will be wearing one by New Year’s Eve.  She’s good people, but not good company, fashionably speaking.  I also don’t appreciate the swagger in which this new breed of western Keffiyeh wearers project, peacocking with their look-at-me-I’m-edgy-in-my-terrorist-garb smirks.  Look at ol’ Chauncy EmoBangs tugging on his, in the picture up above.  Fucktard.  You don’t want to be like him.  Or maybe you do. Or maybe, just maybe I’m jealous.

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  1. 12/01/2009 10:46 PM

    Haha. This is hilarious! It is so true. I am a stylist and am so over this look. Thanks for a great read.

  2. plglbrth permalink
    12/28/2010 10:17 PM

    hugesunglasses is obviously very young and stupid not to have performed any research prior to writing the article. The keffiyeh or shemagh is thousands of years old worn by just about every desert people on earth with variations. I may also add worn by american and british soldiers serving in desert areas including Iraq and afganistan, but of course hugesunglasses and the idiots threatening those who where them would not know that while they sit in airconditioned surroundings sucking on popsicles releasing the stupidity of their small brains hiding behind hugesunglasses

  3. LoNeLy MoUaD permalink
    01/12/2011 3:47 PM

    Keffiyeh is TopFashion It’s For Emo’s And TekTonick!

    Keffiyeh is my style

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