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Eagles Close to Extending Andy Reid, Thus Ensuring No Future Super Bowl Victories


Adam Schefter is reporting that the Philadelphia Eagles are close to inking Andy Reid to a long-term contract extension over at  Philadelphia has held the mantle of having the most rabid sports fans for as long as I have been alive, and I’m sure their passion has run deeper a lot longer than that.  As cute as the four NFC Championship games in a row must’ve been for Reid and the Eagles, I know that their fans are sick to their collective stomachs when this subject is broached.  As recently as a couple of weeks ago, a Philly fan told me there were two reasons why he’d never be confident in his hometown team: Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb.  That’s exactly how he said it, too.  With the shittiest look on his face.  Actually, his face was similar to the face you make when you find a hair in your food or have the misfortune of stepping in dog crap.  Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie loooooves him some Fat Andy.  Witness:

“You all probably, more than most journalists in the country, know how I feel about Andy. (He is) outstanding in every way. I see great success for Andy with the Eagles and that will continue.”

Here’s what Philadelphia fans are saying about Andy Reid right this second over on Twitter.  These tweets will be listed in order, and unedited, treat all as [sic]:

sexy_mandingo Andy Reid put vick in now3 minutes ago from web

skittles410 RT @4forfour: I love the Eagles but I hateReid/McNabb’s one yard passes. WHYYYY???–B/C that’s theAndy way and it sucks run is not on card3 minutes ago from UberTwitter

CollegeSmart Whooaaa Andy Reid looks strange without glasses3 minutes ago from Echofon

krmcguire Doubt we’ll see much of him, but I’m sure he could rack up some yards against this Falcons D. RT @PSUgirl: c’mon andyreid, put in norwood!5 minutes ago from TweetDeck


TFlow RT @sportsguy33: Cris Carter just said “there’s no more creative mind in the N.F.L. than Andy Reid.” I’d like to throw a challenge flag.7 minutes ago from web

ADRoth Hey Andy Reid, Put @j_nwood in!7 minutes ago from web

Speaks for itself, doesn’t it?  For the hell of it, I also searched Josh McDaniels, Bill Belichick, Tony Sparano, Sean Payton, and Jim Caldwell.  Interestingly, there was very little vitriol directed at these coaches, not even from opposing fans.  All of the tweets related to those coaches was, for the most part, very direct or news related.  The other thing I noticed was that all of the Reid tweets seemed to be coming directly from Philly fans.  Try it for yourself if you are bored.  It’s a real thrill.

Basically, in extending Reid, Lurie is assuring moderate success, no championships, and an extremely riled fan base.   Also, why extend him before the season is over?  In the absolute worst-case scenario, the Eagles lose out and end up 7-9 and undoubtedly miss the playoffs.  Can you imagine if this were to happen after Reid gets extended?  It would be fascinating.  While that scenario is doubtful, I can guarantee that Philadelphia will do little in the playoffs.  Why not wait for Reid and McNabb to blow up in the big tournament and fire him?  Bill Cowher and Mike Shanahan are both available, why not stir things up a bit?  At least those two dudes know how to manage the clock.

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