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Tom Brady Defends Randy Moss


The Boston Globe reported that the Carolina Panthers expected Randy Moss to quit on his team in yesterday’s Patriots-Panthers skirmish in Foxboro.

We knew he was going to shut it down,” Panthers cornerback Chris Gamble told me after the game. “That’s what we wanted to do himThat’s what we did. … He’d just give up a lot

Gamble had a lot more to say, and he continued the trend of opposing cornerbacks thumping their chests after a less-than-stellar performance from Moss.

Today, on WEEI radio in Boston, Tom Brady jumped to his teammate’s aide.

When guys play Randy, they want to show everyone what they can do. I guess they came out of the game pretty confident. Randy is one of the best players in the history of the NFL. When it doesn’t go perfect out there, everyone wants to jump on Randy. It’s all of us, and we all have to do a better job.”

Brady expounded quite a bit on the subject of other teams game planning around Moss and went as far as to say that Moss is one of the, “favorite guys I’ve ever played with.”

Chris Gamble is certainly an above average cornerback, usually covering his opponents best receiver.  Yesterday, he had a ton of help.  Brady did not shy away from taking a moderate swipe at Gamble:

“Everyone takes liberty to say whatever they want to say in a situation like [Sunday],” Brady told WEEI. “I’ve seen plenty of plays made on Chris Gamble, too, over the course of the season.”

It is also rather sad that a team of professionals takes such pride in limiting one player to one catch in a loss to a team that beat them in the Super Bowl not long ago.  In their swooning over Moss, they neglected Benjamin Watson and Wes Welker who were able to smoke the Panthers for some big plays.

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