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Andy Warhol was Full of Shit


Andy Warhol coined the phrase “fifteen minutes of fame.” He speculated that, in the future, everybody would be afforded the aforementioned entity.  That will never happen.  People are all ready famous for nothing, but not everyone is famous for one thing or another.  Having been recently introduced to Tim Ferriss, via web, I am far more interested in his belief and methods for creating global phenomena.

Again, not everyone nor anyone can become famous.  Falcon Heene and his shithead family may have debunked that theory, but to truly resonate, one must possess brains.  As people, we desperately seek content.  We fill our non-working hours with content, usually of the entertaining sort, to keep us occupied in between work and sleep.  Even while working, we receive myriad email forwards of garbage that the lowest common denominator find funny.  We are constantly seeking to be entertained.  Those that appear most happy are those with the “cool” job.  Why is their job so cool?  Because it keeps she or he entertained for 8 hours or more a day.  That’s it.

As we plow into another decade, content will continue to be king and further conquer the world.  We live in the information age, and information is essentially entertainment.  That is, if the information is pertinent to the individual seeking it.  We are saturated with information and much of it is extremely mundane.  For those of you with facebook, you are well aware.  Laura’s doing laundry, Jimmy’s at Starbucks, and Raymond is headed back to his parent’s house.  None of those things are entertaining and therefore none of those things serve as valuable content.  If Laura was doing laundry with a tranny police officer, then we’d have something.  If Raymond was headed back to his parent’s house to murder them all with a nail gun, we’d be hooked.  The problem lies in the content we seek.  Most of us don’t seek nor require the boring content, but we are too polite to eliminate it.  You should eliminate it.  Why fill your brain with moot points? WHY?  Be yourself and choose your content wisely, it will invariably shape who you are.  The next time you are in a social situation, notice what you discuss.  Question your interestingness.  Would you talk to you?  Would you even want to be friends with you?

The next conqueror (thinking B.Gates not G.Khan) will be he who has the content that reaches the widest base with the means to execute their vision.  Interest is the greatest filter – it dictates what is worthwhile (usually).  Try to reach everybody and you reach nobody is oft-quoted and mostly accurate, but if you can reach everybody without trying very hard, well then, you might just have something.  Word of mouth is always the best way to learn about something enlightening, and the internet is the biggest mouth.  How it is harnessed over the next decade will truly be fascinating.  YouTube recently spoke about the five minutes a day people spend there versus the five hours a day people spend in front of their television set.  YouTube is missing the point.  While people are spending a miniscule amount of time on said website, people are spending a shitload of time in front of their computer.  YouTube may have content, but it isn’t their own and it isn’t fresh.  It existed somewhere else and YouTube is the simply the vessel.  Create valuable content that reaches the most people and you will win the internet.  And when you win the internet, you win the world.

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